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Get to know the world of Bystanders

Bystander Workshops Family. A Life Changing Experience

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"Educational" intervention workshop

A workshop adapted to different degrees and different ages, intended for students, year of service students and senior citizens and 12th graders  And provides awareness and tools for dealing with a disturbing environment through the bystander

Office Workshop - "Standby"

Assimilation of organizational consciousness that deals with the disturbing environmental phenomenon by combining play and simulations in the observer model from our new side: 
  Assistant Impact Training (BIT)

The classic intervening workshop

An experience that combines play and simulations and provides awareness and tools for dealing with sexual harassment in public and shared spaces through viewers and bystanders from the side


!Bystanders - Domestic Violance • New Workshop

Wood Pencil and Notebook

From workshop participants

I was impressed! Professional actors, a smart team that has invested a lot of investment and a methodology that is friendly to viewers, my guys enjoyed every moment and were convinced.

Ayelet (36), Director of the Human Resources Department, North

The actors were amazing! I really think they got the key here  - Using actors to convey a message that will change reality as we know it today.

Idan (29), university employee,

Tel Aviv

The first impact I experienced was that I started to see a lot of cases around me that could be prevented easily and well. I'm a woman and I feel like my eyes have been opened.

Kinneret (25), law student, Jerusalem


The truth is that I came because I felt it was important, but Tachles I had a lot of fun with the actors, I felt they spoke to me well.

Bar (27), real estate project contractor, Tel Aviv



Our Story

מנחה או שחקן.נית?

להכשרות השחקנים והמנחים של מתערבים

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In Israel's touristic cities

Safe Zone -

The Social Character Project  

For places of entertainment

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Our projects

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Feel free to participate as sponsors of a reality-changing project

There is much more to do! The Intervening Association calls on anyone who wishes to participate in one of the variety of projects that are in line to go out into the world, small and large.  We invite you to give life to one of a series of impact initiatives for effective social involvement in the community in various and diverse mediums. There are initiatives waiting for your support and talent.

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