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Our story, our people

"You don't see the wind, but she's driving the ship, and not those rags fluttering over the mast in front of everyone."

Haim Nachman Bialik

Our story

The story of interveners begins in the winter of 2017 in Jerusalem, with a meeting of young entrepreneurs at the beginning of their careers with students at the Hebrew University and with the Rothschild Ambassadors Organization. In the days when the MeToo protest erupted, the common denominator that brought together the first establishment team of interveners was their closeness in connection with a first circle who experienced sexual assaults or experienced such themselves during their lives. At this point in time it was decided to set up an effective venture that would buy practical solutions for dealing with sexual harassment.

Eventually, after a journey of meetings with various organizations and experts in Israel and around the world, the group was exposed to the client field from research in social psychology called the "bystander affect ". The most significant exposure was constructed  In meetings with Joan Debchnik - then a senior consultant and director at the White House for Dealing with Sexual Harassment, and with Dr. Ruth Mayo - a researcher in social psychology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Sexual harassment in the form of reducing sexual harassment in the public space through viewers and bystanders.For the first time, a research and development unit was established in Jerusalem to deal with sexual harassment in the public space through viewers and bystanders, and a "Community Intervention" project was established.


In 2019, the first expert forum was established, accompanied by the battery program of the Rothschild Caesarea Foundation led by Rivka Kehat, and a "intervention organization" was established that included, in addition to holding, a series of workshops delivered by actors and combining guidance, play and simulation of dealing with sexual harassment in public and shared From the side viewer model. The intervention organization then included 32 members including coordinators, volunteers and scholarships combined with researchers, instructors, professional actors, screenwriters, designers, content writers, social workers and psychologists.


Today, the Intervening Organization is a registered association in Israel, with offices in Tel Aviv and branches in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. The association's activities are spread throughout the country from Metula to Eilat and it even has a new external relations unit that is working on overseas collaborations. The association has four main departments: the research and development department; Department of Training and Workshops; Department of Operational Projects and Innovation; And the Media Department. The association provides the general public with tools from the field of side viewership through training tools and projects characterized by technology and innovation, runs projects for the community in various localities in Israel and conducts workshops delivered by actors in Israel and around the world. The association has an active expert forum, and a board of directors, it employs professionals and employs volunteers.

The Intervening Association is an apolitical association by definition, which works for the general public and non-profit.  The association is based on a model of self-existence and social impact. The sources of funding on which the association is supported are: government budgeting, support from foundations and donations from bodies and the operation of some of the association's paid services.

The heart of interventions is built on actors who have graduated from acting schools and acting trainings, and it runs a social actors forum for the community. We believe in the ability of the game experience to shape a positive reality.


The founders of the association to this day, among them leaders in various fields in the economy, are active in the association on a voluntary basis.  Doing and participating in interventions is a dream come true every day and we believe it is a real line.  The spirit of intervention is based on the transmission of content that speaks to every person in Israel wherever it is, on positivity, on building easy tools for adoption and on creativity.

The code of intervening members is:

"Make a Difference".

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