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Sexual harassment - some data

According to a report by the Association of Centers for Assistance to Victims of Sexual Assault 2018, one in three women in Israel is sexually assaulted annually, about 230 assaults daily. Report to superiors or approach the nuisance.We have set ourselves the goal of making within 3 years half of the witnesses succeed in influencing the disturbing situation.


Presented to Israel

The "bystander"

An intervening movement is a movement that encourages positive action on the part of the observer in a disturbing situation, to disrupt and prevent harassment as the external factor.

our vision  he:
Setting a standard of conduct for Israeli society in cases of sexual harassment in the public sphere.

We have taken a revolutionary psychosocial model that has proven itself in the US, France and Australia, and we are sure that the blue and white design that we formulated for a year with a team of experts from Israel and the US is a real line for Israeli society.


An intervening movement is a public social movement that aims to produce a positive impact  Out of mutual guarantee, and out of an aspiration to make Israeli society a better place for all of us. We do not intend to create a group of police officers, but a positive society, with a unique culture that allows us all much more.  


The observer from the side - Israel

Create change together!

Sexual assault. Gender Injury, Exploitation of Power, Violence and Aggression: Disgusting Touch, Freezing Language, Persecution. fear.

It hurts right? It's boiling and it's annoying! It's scary. It happens all the time and everywhere. It's all around us.

How many times have you encountered disturbing phenomena at work, or on the way to it by public transport, or places of entertainment? How many times have you seen a waitress confront a customer who comments on her body or another customer who accidentally touches? How many times have you seen a boss throw an abusive and repulsive remark at a colleague who works under him? How many times have you seen a man being bullied at a bar because of his choices and sexual lifestyle?

How many times have you sat there, stood there, been there. You were angry, you froze, you were scared, you were debating.

Yes you are: you and you and I and he and she. We're talking to you. We're talking about ourselves. Not the aggressor, not the victim: to you, to us. For anyone who watches from the sidelines and wonders what to do, is in distress what to do. We are an interventionist movement.

The movement does not focus on the victim or the attacker, it focuses on us, our society - on the sidelines. This is not a movement of police officers and not a movement of laws. It's a house. A home for people who feel it is time to open up a behavior that changes. As communities, as groups, as a society, as an Israeli society.

We think that together we can create a different culture, a different reality. To know how to ask a woman that a man is rubbing against on the bus what time it is, to sit next to a friend who is or is under silent assault, to ask a secretary who is bothered "Is this your turn?" When she freezes from a sexual comment from a co-worker, say to a friend who exaggerated: "Dude, be more gentle" or go in the middle of a party and dance with a boyfriend or girlfriend who is being assaulted.

80% of assault cases each year in Israel could have been avoided or misused by the bystander. But in the end these are just data. What really matters is how we feel, how we enjoy and have fun? How do we communicate?

It's getting to know and being exposed to new loves without fear of getting hurt, it's trust in meeting people around me - trusting me and others, it's the happiness of a boy's freedom when they know they're in a lively and safe environment, and the peace parents have when they're a little less afraid She's out there. It's being able to touch the first and second time without fear, and having fun and dancing and feeling without fear of hurting, is walking down the street at night without looking over your shoulder. It's living together . To communicate .

This is something we are capable of doing. It works. We are capable of it as Israelis, as an Israeli society. Here is a task we can take on together and show everyone how to live differently.

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